Breathable, secure and built with our unique lock strap feature


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What’s unique about it

  • The raised bumpers on the back of the armband prevent a build-up of heat and sweat to let your arm breath.
  • Fasten and release your armband securely with our lock strap feature that ensures the armband does not fall off your arm whilst putting on or taking off.
  • Two built-in armband strap slots and the extension strap make the armband flexible to fit different size arms and custom to you.
  • The armband’s headphone port cut-out is designed with a cover so for those using wireless headphones the Walkman is further protected.
  • High visibility reflective strip around the edge of the armband’s ultra-thin and responsive transparent screen.”

1 review for Fitness Armband for Sony Walkman NW-A55L, NW-A105, NWA45, NW-A35

  1. Kevn (verified owner)

    The band is remarkable in all its glory. No slip, swear resistance, snug fit, and the Velcro (similar material) is amazing.
    The only down side for me, is the sleeve that holds the Walkman NW-55 is a bit large for my device specifically. I still use the armband as is, however I use my controls on my earbuds to change the song or pause since the buttons aren’t exactly alligned.
    Still a fantastic product where support for 3rd party accessories is lacking.
    I would recommend this armband if you have a Walman of any type.

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